Sunday, April 28, 2013

Civap "Polish style"

Well husband never ceases to amaze me.  After 5 days of putting up with my diva -like behavior and asking for everything under the moon and stars, he made civap for dinner.  It wasn't exactly my style of civap but it was delicious none the less.  Here is his recipe and you MUST serve this in the back yard with a candelabra and Pavarotti......

 1 part pork sausage
3 parts deer meat (or beef if you so choose)
 lots of vegeta
Maggi (you do know wht Maggi is, right??) to taste (about 5 shakes)
2 eggs beaten
one onion chopped
parsley and pepper
BBQ sauce.

Mix meats in a bowl  Add all the other ingredients and miss with your hands until fully meshed and mixed   shape into patties or "turd" like shapes.  Grill until done.

Perfection is serving out in the back yard with opera and a great bottle of wine!

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