Monday, March 10, 2014

Turkish Coffee (Turska kava) request!

I have been asked a zillion time by my non-Croatian friends how to make my Turkish coffee (Turska kava, aka "that muddy coffee").  Most recently my dear pal and "sista from anotha blista" asked how she could replicate a little Dubrovnik in Poolville, Texas.......... so here it is, complete with an instructional video (in two parts with a bonus "Wojtek's version").

Here's what you need before you start:
  • 1 Turkish coffee pot (I like them small and under 12 oz, available at the middle eastern stores if you are not lucky enough to get it in Croatia)
  • Sugar cubes
  • Dark roasted coffee with a specific "Turkish grind" (I prefer Jubilarna Fine Ground Coffee from Franck available at Minos Imports)
  • Water

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