Thursday, September 6, 2012

BBQ'd Doves (Week 36 extra)

My Teta Marion and my cousin Mitch...getting ready for BBQ!
Typically, I don't write about food that isn't my personal favorite....why point my followers to something that doesn't make MY mouth water BUT last Sunday was the opening of dove season.  I come from a long line of dove hunters (seriously, it is a BIG family tradition!)  My Mother's father (Nono) used to dove hunt on his ranch and my Mom's birthday is at the opening of dove season so eating BBQ'd dove is both her right and her privilege!  I have family members who drive 100 miles or more to hunt on my Godfather's property and every one of my aunts can clean a bird faster than a well trained boy scout!  I, on the other hand, never quite took a fancy to those little devils.  Going in to the more recent history, my husband won my mother's heart the night he asked for my hand in marriage by showing up with a bag of cleaned, freshly shot dove ...woo woo!  Mom was thrilled, Dad was impressed.....I personally thought it was a bit CAVE man....!

This year, the hubby teamed up with his buddies and went out to Madera (yes... always fresh and local) for a nice hunt.  He bagged 16 (which in doves isn't enough to equal a decent slice of prime rib).  I seasoned and marinaded them, took them out to the folks and BBQ them for my parents.  Mom was in heaven and Dad, who typically eats them to please Mom, called me the next morning to rave about my marinade.  I am now compelled to share!!

How I did the doves
1 big (gallon size zip lock) bag
12 to 16 cleaned doves
2 to 4 metal kabob skewers, wiped down with olive oil
4 fresh sprigs of rosemary
4 crushed cloves of garlic
1/4 c. or so of olive oil
juice of one whole lemon
LOTS of Pappy's Prime Rib Rub
Sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper

Put the dove in the bag.  Pour the wet ingredients in the bag, seal and squish it around.  Take the rosemary off the wood and place the little leaves int he bag with the dry seasonings.  Use about 4 or 5 tablespoons of  Pappy's and pour this in to the bag then shake it up and down till the birds are coated well.  Let sit over night till ready to grill.

When grill is hot, skewer the birds from the side of the body and place over flame.  Turn often and DO NOT over cook...they get DRY as a bone!  YUCK.  Test the breast in a few minutes to make sure that there isn't blood.  When just pink, pull them off and eat.  Finger lickin' good!

Another variation is to stuff each with a fresh clove of garlic or a jalapeno pepper and lace with bacon.  My Mom say the bacon over powers the bird taste but I am a bacon's up to you.

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