Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nectarine and Black Pepper Cheesecake (Week 37)

I was intrigued by this recipe - it was like a hybrid of the US cheesecakes and the sernik (Polish cheesecake) that my mother in law loves. This one mellows out the gritty consistency that I don't like (from ricotta) and adds a interesting twist with the pepper and fruit.

From Mario Batali and the Fresno Bee AND Epicurious so I am giving you a link today rather than retyping since I am "on the run". Enjoy! See my notes below....

My attempt was surprisingly delicious BUT it took longer than anticipated plus the juice from the cooked nectarines wasn't fruity enough so I added a cube of frozen juice (I made at the close of the season) and a tablespoon of sugar to the sauce.

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