Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Pan Tadeusz" or the Polish Spring-tini (Week 7)

As promised, I made a killer martini with beet juice and some of the fixings from a very famous cold Polish summer soup called "Chlodnik".  I named it after a wonderful Polish novel (turned movie) called Pan Tadeusz.  This is a wonderfully romantic film that touched my heart and  carried with it the whole cultural romance of the 1800's in old Poland.

Since I am in to the whole fresh and local...this has beets.  Yum yum....enjoy!

Pan Tadeusz - the Polish Spring-tini
2 oz fresh beet juice (water from boiling fresh beets till tender)
2 oz buttermilk
1.5 oz vodka (I used Bakon vodka)
1 oz pickle juice (straight from the ole jar!)
Fresh dill weed
salt to taste
1/2 a fresh cucumber (sliced and diced)

Take cucumber and cut in half.  Dice half of it and place in the martini glass reserve rounds for garnish.  Put the liquids in the martini shaker and shake with ice.  Pour in to martini glass.  Salt and garnish with dill weed and sliced cucumber.  Pretty in pink....such fun!

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