Monday, July 2, 2012

The "Wars Car" (Week 27)

Do you know what a "Wars Car" is?

Pronounced with a
"V" and not a "W", it is part of Polish culture with its cigarette smoke, vodka and sausage. However, when hunger strikes, nothing does the trick like a quick trip to the Wars Car!! Back when Poland was over run with communists, the Wars Car was a symbol of personal freedom, vodka and cigarettes (probably in that order). Today, it was a pleasant respite complete with zurek, pivo (beer) and fresh bread. This was also part of our getaway after dropping my sister off at the airport (our journey to Gdansk).

My offering..... The link to the Wars plus a recipe for Zurek. Totally yummy but I recommend that you consume this on a cold, rather than warm, day. Oh yes..... And my husband packed his own vodka. Isn't he the little smarty!!

Zurek is a bit of a challenge (See of you can buy the instant version at an international deli, throw in some hard boiled eggs and sausage and say "smaczęgo"!

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