Friday, June 29, 2012

Hijacked Kitchen (Week 26)

I am one of those girls who actually LIKES my Mother in Law! She is far, far from a Monster in Law and spoils me completely rotten (and we do the same for her). She lives in Poland and is a marvelous cook BUT this is making it difficult to blog...... My use of the kitchen has been hijacked!

The story goes that we have two kitchens: one for show and the other is her little hide away. Since guests enter the house from the back, you walk past her kitchen and boy, oh boy..... She doesn't like a mess to be in view hence she uses a 6x4 room that once was the downstairs powder room. No joke. It's got a sink, prep area and an range/oven. The microwave is in the perpetually clean kitchen. Out of this little box comes the most amazing soups and other goodies ..... Including the mushroom stuffed chicken and croquettes.

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