Saturday, August 11, 2012

Local .... On the road (Scott's Valley Week 32)

While I am blessed with a beautiful kitchen, complete with fancy sleek German appliances and a million dollar view from the stove, today's entry is not cooked it rather uncorked!

After doing some work-related business in the morning, the hubby and I ventured down the hill in the afternoon to the Scott's Valley Wine & Art Festival. The weather was wonderful and this weekend-long event was "perfect": Beer for my Hubby since it was quite warm and fabulous shopping for me. I even picked up a tie-dye shirt to sooth my inner flower child.  While shopping at Karen's Tie Dye (a vendor that I have seen several times at our Vintage Daze Festival at Fresno State), we ran in to another shopper who was admiring my bracelet.  One thing led to another and she started jabbering away in Polish with my Husband:  New friend!!  Such a fun event and .....WOW....great wine.

We found two that went with our view and the truffle infused Italian cheese we picked up at the Scott's Valley Market (note: they have a delightful cheese department, complete with tastings!).

Choice one was the Bargetto 2010 Reserve Pinot Noir. Fabulous wine with an abundance of warmth and character. Bargetto has always been one of my coastal favorites.  This started back in the '70's during our family vacations in Aptos when my folks used to drag my sister and I to wineries (as you can see.....I had LITTLE choice in directions and inclinations!).  My hats are off to the staff many years ago who put up with two surly little monsters.

Choice two was the 2009 Chardonnay from Bruzzone (must be a "B" thing going on here). Crisp but with a honeysuckle nose. This particular wine was a huge surprise since it is a family owned winery....small and off the beaten path.

Time to grab that glass and enjoy sunset!
Big thanks to our hosts, Howard and Anita, for giving us such a wonderful place to play!

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