Friday, November 2, 2012

Eight More Posts to go.....(Week 44 and counting)

Oh my...can it be? I am coming to the end of my odyssey and I have only 8 more weeks of posts to go.  Any suggestions on how I should make the end of the trail?  With a 6 units spring semester in my doctoral program and another 6 in the summer, it will be hard to keep the pace.  GOD help me when I loose my wonderful summer vacation and have to give up my Saturdays in the fall (maybe I'll start a blog on Friday night martinis!)  Oh yeah....that's me in the back row, in pink underneath the "E"....yes, I wore a helmet and I swung through the trees on a zip line (not a good look for me, by the way, the only "zipping" I do is through the mall!).

We'll have to see if there is a "demand" for my snarky posts and odd little recipes   For now, I will ask that you share the blog with your friends and ask them to "follow me".  The more folks in the San Joaquin Valley enjoy the "fresh and local" the healthier and happier we ALL will be.

While I am on that kick.....get out there and MOVE (you know, healthy eating and active living!!).  Our forefathers and their friends all ate local and did a hard days work.  I am sure my great grandmother didn't have an aggravated carpal tunnel from the 800+ text messages per month logged to my iPhone.  I also don't think she had "computer butt" (something I am battling).

While you are out and moving ....get in touch with the Community Food Bank!  Did you know that (in 2010) Fresno County ranks top in the nation in food hardship.  This is such a shame given that we are in the "breadbasket" of the world.  Our Community Food Bank reaches over 90,000 individuals weekly to make sure no one in our area goes to bed hungry.  Big shout out to my pal Andy -- Good Job!  Join the FOOD FIGHT October 10 to November 10th to help support holiday meals for the needy in our area.  For more information, contact the  Community Food Bank ASAP at 559-237-3663 x108.

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