Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Peka or Croatian Dutch Oven cooking (Week 47)

Getting ready to lock myself in my study  "cave" for the night and I MUST have something tasty.  Tonight Wojtek and I are making pork ribs (sort of "peka" style-- under the bell) and grilled artichokes.  We are doing this together since neither of us are 100% good with the artichokes (Leesa's recipe...thank you!).

Peka is (from prior posts and seen in the above photos from Croatia) meat cooked "under the bell" or in a dutch oven that is upside down (this is the best non-Croatian way of explaining it).  The cook time takes about 45 minutes for this smaller cut of meat for the two of us so it is just enough time to get on the treadmill (another must if I plan to eat this with all the butter,etc).

Here is the non-Croatian way to make Croatian Peka....

Heat your BBQ grill till the gauge reads 350

Using a large Dutch oven (one with a lid that can be used as a small pan), take the smaller pan and use as the base. Coat liberally with olive oil. Place ribs in the oil, bones up, and season with sea salt, cracked pepper and garlic powder. Throw in one quartered red onion, a couple of Italian peppers and a sprig or two of rosemary. Cover with the big pot on top.

Place away from the direct heat and turn the gas down (if you are using gas). If you use smoker chips, I think this is a nice option and gives you sort of the old world wood thing..... Cook for about 35 minutes.

Serve with roasted potatoes!

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