Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bulldog Bites - Guilty Pleasures 101 (Week 42)

There is something to be said for working on a college campus in this day and age.... Long gone are the cafeteria ladies and the weird over cooked (canned) veggies and plastic trays (I opted for nasty burgers and flat beer at the Bucket-Delta Gamma had cold cuts... Bleh!). My nephew (16 and a student at University High) told me about the Bulldog Bites (the bulldog red roach coach parked on Maple Mall Monday, Wednesday and Friday). He raved about their grill cheese and, being a grilled cheese addict, I had to give it a try!

Not exactly a Dusty Buns "Le Grilled Cheese" (which is about as close to crack as one can get for a foodie) but sinfully yummy none the less. A perfectly delightful quick fix at only $3 (yes.... $3). It's grilled onions, apple and Swiss cheese on what might be sourdough.... Not sure but yes, yes yummy!!

OH MY GOD! Could Fresno be actually developing a Food Truck Culture?  
Be still my beating heart!

Today I gave their sweet potato fries a try (for $1.75... Why not!). They came with a curry sauce but were a bit soggy - probably from the container which "steamed" them in the walk back to my office. I guess this was God's way of telling me to honor my Dalmatian root and "park it" under a tree and enjoy a few quite moments enjoying fall on campus.  The Hubster recently found my errant petanque set which are now in the trunk of my car......time for a little afternoon diversion!!

If you're on campus, swing on by and give them a try. They are parked just south if the Satellite Student Union!! Fresh and local....YES but greasy and good hahahah!!

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  1. Stop by their Facebook page and show them a little love.....they only have 53 "likes" and they really deserve MORE!!