Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Cro Joe's special - the Croatian version of a Joe's Special (Week 41)

My sister and I had a wonderful family dinner on Friday night complete with my civapcici and her kajmak. It was fabulous and, on Sunday morning, armed with leftovers, I made what I am calling the "Cro Joe Special" for breakfast.

I love a Joe's Special!! the story goes, a customer came in to the Original Joe's (in San Francisco's tenderloin district) and ordered a spinach omelette   It was late so the chef added hamburger and ...a legend was born!  Interesting to note, Ante Rudin, one of the original partners at Joe's, was Croatian.  He came from the island of Prvik Luka at at very young age.....sounds so much like BOTH my grandfathers!!  I'd like to think my funky little dish would make Ante proud!

I am grateful that my hubby gave me a 2 second warning so I could shape a photo. Standard in my house......It was gone quickly!!

The Cro Joe's Special

Place olive oil in skillet. Heat and add potatoes. Sauté then add remaining ingredients. Cook till fully warmed.

Add eggs and let them set. Spoon on to plate  and serve with toast smeared with kajmak.
Oh yeah.....the Kajmak.  Kajmak is said to be Serbian but Stephanie and I fell in love with it in Zagreb so for's Croatian.  It is a wonderful spread that goes very well with meats and other items.  Here is my "quick" kajmak recipe".....I am hoping my sister comments on this so she can add her two cents in to this.  My civapcici are better than hers and her kajmak is better than mine!

1 cup feta
2 cups cream cheese
1 stick of butter, softened

Mix together and blend well.

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