Thursday, January 5, 2012

The French Breakfast Radish (Week 1)

Week 1 - I am exploring the French Breakfast Radish.  Bright and early this morning, I started my day with some wonderfully nutting toasted (thanks, Leesa for the suggestion) whole wheat bread, smothered with butter and topped with thinly (as think as could get them without contacts) sliced French Breakfast Radish, green onions and Dalmatian sea salt (sorry, a favorite but not local).  It was Divine and a big departure from my oatmeal and almond milk.  Mike was right, the radishes do not have the "bite" that the traditional radishes have and are much more turnip-like in flavor.  They made an excellent snack (pre dinner last night) when I was showing them off to my hubby (apparently, he remembers having sandwiches as a child with radishes and butter.....must be a Polish as well as French).  This little breakfast treat paired well with my French roast and the nice ripe orange off our backyard tree.  So folks......give that cute little radish a try.  Bon Appetit!!

PS:  Speaking of Bon Appetit, check out their "Food lovers cleanse" ....

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