Monday, January 9, 2012

Grapefruit Pound Cake

This was by far and away my "easy find" - beautiful grapefruit from my parents enormous, 50+ year old grapefruit tree.  This tree is amazing: huge, thick skinned, tasty grapefruit that normally goes to waste since both of my parents, due to medication, can no longer eat this terrific fruit.  I selected four golden gems and went to work on this Grapefruit Pound Cake (thanks Cooking Light, see link).  As promised, I will provide my picks and pans.  This is a little of both.

Grapefruit Pound Cake RecipeThe cake is moist and the grapefruit provides a wonderful, fresh citrus flavor.  I reduced the juice as instructed and it made this WOW glaze on top.  Just delightful.  I did find, however, that it is best not to monkey with the recipe.  I did a fooled thing and used cake flour and it promptly fell.  I admit, I felt a little defeated but ....what the heck.....I ate it any way and it was superb.  My original plan was to serve it with coffee on Sunday afternoon but my hubby got sick and I was left to enjoy that FLATTENED cake all by myself.  Oh well.

Next up, Salmon with Swiss Chard, Fennel and Penne Pasta.

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