Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Weird and the Wonderful, produce....that is!

Ah yes.....the weird and the wonderful produce.  Nothing is better than hauling a Romanesco broccoli (shown on the left) out of your bag and having your friends think you are eating veggies from another planet!  Thanks to the Shaw and Blackstone Farmers Market and J. Marchini Farms in Le Grand, I have a centerpiece today -- side dish tomorrow.  These pretty veggies cook up like cauliflower and can also be eaten raw.  I'll report back when I tire of my "decoration".  Another odd find was Tatsoi (shown on the right).  Cooks up like spinach but I have a little something special in mind for this one.  More on this later. 

In this weeks bag:
Chinese winter melon (again, my hubby like the soup so it gets a repeat performance)
daikon radish

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