Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"What about Fred......"

So, what about Fred....

Fred (aka the pesky little cat who actually belongs to our Cavtat neighbor) conveniently only shows up when you sit at the patio table (which is our dining room table). He mooch from the table and if you choose to ignore him, he attacks what ever is dangling or laying beneath the table. This is also why he has "other" so nice.

In the last 5 minutes of my peace and quiet, that damn cat has chomped down on my big toe twice, took a full on clawed swipe at my shin and chewed on my sisters hand as it straightened the table cloth.

Being seafood is king around here, cats are everywhere! I am not sure if they are feral or if the locals have just chosen to let the tourists feed the cats in lieu of buying Frisky's or the Cro version (Frisković's). Regardless, Fred is our new meal companion.

Maybe he needs a little kava to relax.

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