Thursday, June 14, 2012

Grilled Squid (lignje na zaru) overlooking the Adriatic (Week 24)

Always my very first meal when I arrive in Croatia.... Grilled squid with a side of Swiss chard and baby potatoes. This is my absolute favorite which must be "washed down" with a healthy amount if "stolno vino" (table wine), best is Dingac (nice red from same area as the DNA for Zinfandel). I apologize for a crummy photo but after 27 hours travel and the barely tolerable airplane food (worst being German airline food!)..... I didn't "stage" this dish. My nephew has ćivapćici with kajmak.....and just look at that view!! Yes they were tasty (see prior post for recipe). Kajmak is a spread with a mixture of butter, salt and a cream cheese (I use feta at home).

Dobar tek!! Good appetite.

So.... What are YOU eating in California?

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