Monday, June 11, 2012

Calling all foodies.... Fresh, Local and Hitting the Road (Week 24)

As I sat on the living room couch eating a stir fry of local veggies (in an attempt to clean the fridge), I say good bye (for about a month) to my beautiful, bountiful San Joaquin Valley! Adios peaches and nectarines. So long sweet corn, Swiss chard and vine ripe early girls! I'm off on an adventure and I am taking my followers along. I promise to cook (when I can in my tiny little kitchenette) and savor as much of the local tastes possible. Hopefully my wifi will cooperate!!

What I ask of my foodie friends is to follow the blog so that you can keep me (and the readers) posted on what you are cooking in your neighborhood ....share please.

Farewell.....Fresno Fresh!

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