Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Croatian Farm Fresh (Week 25)

Well.... It's been an adventure.

Our little kitchenette is a combo two burner stove with a mini fridge beneath. Our plan has been to do the restaurant thing every other night and eat in (on our picture perfect balcony) every other night. So far so good!

Our landlord has an amazing garden bs and we are flush with fresh veggies and herbs. Fruit is available at the local farmers market (just opposite the liquor store.... Where we go for our daily liter of local vino. Ivo (husband/landlord) makes his own wine but if I plan to function the next day, I try to stay away from his stuff. His wife, Katica, has an amazing stash of home-made spirits: an herb variety, one from Chinese dates and a new one from sour cherries. We needed a weight for my nephew's fishing gear so a trip upstairs to Katica netted us a couple of shots before breakfast. For an American, this is a bit much but in our culture, this is considered "tonic"!

On to food....last night Stephanie made an amazing dinner of gnocchi, chicken kabobs with a Caprise salad (photos forthcoming).

During our trip in town (Dubrovnik, we are 20 minutes south by water taxi), we walked the old walls. We were amazed by the little but lush gardens that grown in the narrow alleyways around
town. Each more colorful than the next. Fresh and local is a way of life around here!! We also enjoyed a fabulous lunch in Dubrovnik of grilled fish and a shrimp risotto.


Ok California: What are you eating??

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