Friday, July 5, 2013

It's GONE - Quick Peach Ice Cream

Caroline and Stephanie goofing around ..."back in the day"
When I was a little one (yes....I was once under 6 feet), my Mom used to make homemade ice cream.  It was smooth creamy and wonderful.  Typically, around the 4th of July it was a huge tradition to break out the hand crank ice cream maker and spend hours cranking (and cursing....that would be Dad) in the sun to make this wonderful concoction.  "Back in the day" we also climbed trees, spit watermelon seeds on the lawn, swam in the ditch, drank water from a garden hose and rode in the back of pick ups.....SO THERE!

This summer, armed with my Mizuno white peaches (thanks again to Kevin and Greg for putting up with me and my ever changing calendar), I decided to take a quick trip down memory lane (and I mean QUICK).  Standing in the kitchen, I surveyed my pantry and my fridge.  Nothing of value to make ice cream but since when has that stopped me?  Here is my rapid fire peach ice cream recipe:

3 large white peaches, peeled and chopped
1 14 oz can of organic sweetened condensed milk
1 table spoon peach schnapps
1 tablespoon instant custard mix

Put peaches n the blender, add milk and blend till smooth (really smooth!).  Pour in to sauce pan and heat till just about boiling.  Add schnapps and cook a bit more.  Add custard powder and stir well.  Remove from heat and let cool till room temp.

Take frozen electric ice cream canister.  Add the cooled peach mixture and blend for 35 minutes.  Place in the freezer till firm.


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