Friday, May 18, 2012

Consumed with Kale (Week 20)

Last night I was on a roll.  I whipped up yet another batch of Kale pesto (this time with Romano cheese and pecans).  I used yesterdays recipe and did a few tweaks (I was out of my Dad's walnuts!  Darn!)  After cleaning up the kitchen, I still had a bunch of kale left so I whipped up a batch of kale chips (thank you Katrina for the inspiration).  I used Kat's easy recipe and they were wonderful.  (Basically wash the kale, dry the leaves and spray with cooking spray.  Sprinkle with salt (and I added garlic powder) and bake at 375 till crispy.

I love those things but last night was Wojtek's first time with kale chips.  I trotted up to the loft where he was watching TV.  He was like Pavlov's dog thinking I brought a treat.  When I gently handed him one of my crispy morsels, he popped it in his mouth and gave me "that look."  Still not a huge fan BUT this didn't get the cattle feed comment!!  Things are looking up.

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